Anthony M. Medina selected as RISE San Diego Urban Leadership Fellow

People’s Legal Services is proud to announce that our CEO and Director Anthony M. Medina has been selected as a 2018 RISE San Diego Urban Leadership Fellow.

RISE San Diego, as an organization, focuses on building a real “neighborhoods first” agenda, with urban residents, leaders and community-based organizations. Further, there is a strong focus on working in partnership with all community members at a grassroots level in order to be best informed while dealing with the exceedingly complex challenges of our urban neighborhoods.

The program is a partnership between RISE San Diego and the Leadership Institute at the University of San Diego School of Leadership and Education Sciences. RISE’s unique goal and commitment is to help identify and empower a generation of leaders who will not only bring our urban communities up, but who will also bring them together.

RISE Fellows are selected through a competitive process open to San Diego County Residents. Particular invitation is extended to applicants who represent and have a deep history in urban centers of the region. In 2018, over 125 applicants sought placement in the Fellowship Program. Our man Anthony was one of those selected.

For the next year, he will meet at various forums and technical breakout sessions in order to become a better representative of, and conduit for, our urban communities. Please join us in congratulating Anthony!

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