Our Founder


Anthony M. Medina



It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of our CEO and Founder Anthony Medina. He was deeply loved by his family, friends, and clients, as well as those of us who had the opportunity to work under him. 

As a native of San Diego, Anthony dedicated his professional life to helping his community and the underserved.  Anthony’s commitment to helping people, his zealous representation of clients, and his unwavering desire to do the right thing were not only integral to the success of People’s Legal Services (PLS), it made him one-of-a-kind. He was an extraordinary attorney, who built an organization that represents and practices the principles Anthony believed in as a person – fairness, compassion, trustworthiness, action, and access to justice.

“People’s Legal Services is a dream that Anthony and I shared, but only Anthony could make it a reality. I would say wouldn’t it be nice to do XX’ and he would say ‘Of course, I was thinking of that too and I know just the person to work with to make it happen and next thing I knew it was happening.” – Bob Seibel

Today, and every day, we celebrate Anthony’s spirit for social justice and equal (or accessible) legal services for all – no matter their socioeconomic background. Although only Anthony could start PLS, the strong foundation Anthony laid, the people he inspired, and the networks he created will allow his legacy to live on through PLS.

Anthony’s vision for People’s Legal Services will be continued through our work. Michelle Luna Reynoso is serving as our interim Board Chair and Sabrina Marroquín is taking the lead as head attorney for client matters. 

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 Rest in peace, Anthony.




About PLS

Our mission at PLS is to serve individuals with caring, quality legal services at reasonable prices. At PLS we are redefining the law. Not only does PLS take the time to understand our clients, but we also make sure their stories are heard. If you are our client, we want you to feel like you got the help you needed from people you can trust and who genuinely care about helping you with your interaction with the law. We want to close the justice gap by utilizing innovative approaches and methods to keep costs down without cutting quality. We utilize low hourly rates based on a sliding scale tied to your family size and income.