Founder’s Campaign

Our Founders Campaign
Honoring Anthony M. Medina


Donate today, and help solidify the legacy and work of Anthony M. Medina.

As a native of San Diego, Anthony dedicated his professional life to helping his community and the underserved. Anthony’s commitment to helping people, his zealous representation of clients, and his unwavering desire to do the right thing was not only integral to the success of People’s Legal Services (PLS), it made him one-of-a-kind. He was an extraordinary attorney, who built an organization that represents and practices the principles Anthony believed in as a person – fairness, compassion, trustworthiness, action, and access to justice.

Today, and every day, we celebrate Anthony’s spirit for social justice and equal (or accessible) legal services for all –no matter their socioeconomic background. Although only Anthony could start PLS, the strong foundation Anthony laid, the people he inspired, and the networks he created will allow his legacy to live on through PLS.

The Founder’s Campaign is a coalition of local organizations, artists, small businesses, and a Non-Profit law firm, seeks to generate funding to provide PRO BONO and low cost Legal Representation.