Erika Mayorquin

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Erika Mayorquin graduated from UCLA in 2005, where she earned a degree in Science, Psychology.

As a student at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, she interned as a certified law clerk at the San Diego County Public Defender’s Office for one year where she assisted in felony arraignments, argued bail reductions, and releases. Erika conducted Preliminary Hearing cross-examinations and
assisted Deputy Public Defenders in preparing for felony trials.

In 2012, Erika started her private practice focusing primarily on family law for over eight years. She has worked within the field of family law for over fifteen years by settling complex cases and zealously representing clients with custody, support, property division, judgment enforcement issues, restraining orders, dissolution, paternity actions, and stepparent adoptions. She has defended clients against restraining orders and has been successful at having these dismissed.

Erika is an active member of the California Bar Association, the San Diego County Bar Association, San Diego Family Law Bar Association, and San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association. Erika has a tight-knit family and enjoys spending time with them. She also enjoys outdoor activities, specifically hiking.

“My involvement in PLS is very personal as I share Mr. Medina’s passion to help others. Mr. Medina and I attended the same high school and ended up reacquainting after law school. I was immediately drawn to his dedication towards PLS. In the eight years I’ve spent in private practice, I’ve helped several individuals/families and know firsthand how financial difficulties impact the process. I hope to continue Mr. Medina’s legacy and continue to serve the community as he wanted.”