Catherine M. Arambula

Advisory Board Member

Catherine is a Financial Advisor with Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company. She began her career in financial services at Northwestern Mutual in 2004, after personally dealing with the repercussions of misguided financial advice.

Since then, she has built a portfolio of clients with a clear mission; “To empower individuals to build their personal wealth, safeguard against life’s many changing stages to achieve financial security and peace of mind.” Catherine focuses on supporting successful women, attorneys, business owners, corporate executives and other individuals to achieve their goals and objectives.

In addition to helping her own clients thrive, Catherine continually gives of her time, talent and treasure to causes and organizations she feels strongly about. Whether it is helping others with their own personal or professional leadership development, community service or advocacy, Catherine is always ready and willing to connect and mentor. She believes in the ability to impact change through the power of volunteerism, community and civic engagement. She understand that in order to advance our community it starts with oneself.