Kyle L.H. Hargrave


Kyle L.H. Hargrave, a native San Diegan, was raised in a family of teachers. From an early age, he learned the value of self-expression and conceptual frameworks.

As a student at Point Loma Nazarene University, Kyle traveled the globe inundating himself in new cultures. He used these experiences in pursuit of his degree in Philosophy.

While at California Western School of Law, Kyle continued to use his firsthand experiences to inform his academic pursuits. As an advocate for equal justice, Kyle dedicated over two years of his time to clerking at the San Diego County Public Defender’s Office. In an effort to foster others to spend time in their respective communities, Kyle served as Co-Director of California Western School of Law’s Community Outreach Committee. He was also admitted into the Pro Bono Honor’s Society by the law school.

With a concentration in Criminal Law Advocacy, Kyle began his own firm as a sole practitioner. He approaches each case dedicated to providing low-cost services to clients who may otherwise rely solely on the local Public Defender’s office.

Kyle is currently serving as Interim Director of the Glory Hole, an emergency Homeless Shelter and Soup Kitchen in Juneau, Alaska. Kyle and his wife Mariana are active in supporting People’s Legal Services’ mission. Here with us, as in their day to day lives, they work tirelessly to better our community. Kyle is also currently a full time student at San Diego State University.