Mark Kiran



In establishing the Non Profit Los Angeles Family Law Help Center (LAFLHC), Mark Kiran was one of the first attorneys in Southern California to adopt innovative approaches to create greater access to justice.

In representing clients in family law matters via sliding scale, limited scope and fixed fee representation, Mark grew the firm exponentially, to the point where hundreds of litigants per year were proud to call an attorney from LAFLHC their partner and representative. In fact, Mark was so gracious as to allow our own CEO to work for LAFLHC for six months, as a fellowship of sorts, introducing Anthony M. Medina to the real world of ‘Access to Justice.

Since then, the LAFLHC has now evolved to the Law Help Center (LHC) and expanded into representing clients in personal injury matters. Their focus remains the same, however. Real Lawyers for Real People. Mark’s real world experience, his willingness to share and mentor, has been instrumental in the founding and growth of PLS.