Michelle Luna Reynoso


CEO, Director

Michelle Luna Reynoso was born and raised in San Diego. Michelle comes from a family of migrant farmworkers and laborers.

Michelle witnessed her family and community face racism, wage theft, and language barriers. As a child she dreamed of the day she could help her community. To achieve that dream Michelle received two degrees from UCLA, one in Political Science and the other in Chicana Studies, graduated from California Western School of Law, and received her California State Bar License.  

Michelle is committed to fighting for social justice and her clients’ rights. As a student she volunteered with the California Innocence Project, the Employee Rights Center, the Wage Justice Center, MALDEF, and MEChA. Currently, Michelle works with organizations like Mundo Gardens, Justicia Criminal Defense Association, and PLS advocating for and facilitating services to our communities. 

Michelle understands and respects her clients are real people who deserve to have their stories told and their rights protected to the full extent that the law allows. As in the community and in the court room, Michelle is a dedicated advocate and integral member of our team at People’s Legal Services.